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Instructions for Patients after Dental Surgery


Proper oral hygiene after dental surgery is extremely important. Good care can help the healing process and prevent complications and infections. Please read these instructions and follow them carefully for a faster, easier recovery.


APPLY PRESSURE on the gauze that is acting as your "Band-Aid" for at least 1 hour after the extraction or other surgical procedure. You will be given gauze to take home with you. If you want to place a new gauze pack over the area, take two or three squares, MOISTEN them, fold over once or twice, and place them over the area. You should expect to see pink tinged saliva or perhaps on your pillow for 1 or 2 days after the procedure. This is normal discharge from the surgical area.


NO SMOKING FOR AT LEAST TWO DAYS. The longer you avoid   smoking the better your healing will progress 



NO RINSING FOR 24 HOURS. After that period of time, you may begin to start gently rinsing for the next two days. Rinse with warm salt water. Don't be afraid to brush and floss the other areas of your mouth.


Stay away from anything very hot or cold. Food and fluids will help the healing process. Try to avoid the extraction site when eating.


A. If they are dissolvable, the usual time they will last is about six or seven days. Not all patients are the same.

If they are not dissolvable, we will remove them in about one week.


Almost all dental surgery will cause some swelling. This should start to reduce several hours after the procedure is done. You might notice the swelling appears bigger after you wake the next morning. This is a natural occurrence.


Ice Packs

      Ice packs are not necessary unless advised to do so.  If advised:

Apply ice for NO LONGER than 15 minutes. You can cause further damage to the area by icing too long.

Allow area to warm for 30 minutes before applying the ice again. The area should be warm to touch and have normal sensation before reapplying the ice.


Pain Management

Some amount of discomfort is to be expected following any surgery. Ibprophen is recommended for any discomfort you may have.  If prescriptions were given to you, please fill them as soon as you can. Make sure you take them as directed.

If any problems or questions arise, do not hesitate to call the office during normal business hours. Mon-Thurs 8am – 5pm Fri 8am-2pm

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